A drawing of Hydra, a character who is shaped like a human female, with an all-light-blue body. Her body has lines drawn across it to show that it is really made of tentacles that are fused together. Her 'hair', which is also made of tentacles, is styled to look like pigtails. She is facing forward and wearing no clothing.
  • Species is unknown
  • Age is unknown
  • Sex is unknown; appears female in this form
  • Excellent ability to mimic the appearance of bipedal species
A drawing of Hydra in side profile.
  • Tendrils fuse and unfuse at will to mimic various shapes
  • Flesh is flexible and elastic
  • Ability to mimic intricate details seemed limited
  • Unable to form ears or toes
  • Rudimentary ability to form hands
  • Creating flat, sharp, and/or hard forms seemed difficult
A drawing of Hydra showing her head and shoulders before the tentacles fuse.
  • Ability to maintain form varies with energy level
A drawing of a cross-section of one of Hydra's tentacles, showing darker blue muscles.
X-section of limb
  • High % liquid body content
  • Extremely strong + flexible