• Nicknames:
    Senny, Ari
  • Gender:
  • Age:
    Young Adult
  • Height:
  • Fav. Colors:
    Pink, Cyan

☆*★。゚*。★゚*♪ Bio

The youngest and most measurably successful of the three siblings, Arsenic works a high-paying government job as a master chemist. She has developed countless ground-breaking drugs, cleaning products, chemical weapons and more. She is regarded as a genius by her peers and is looked up to by children throughout the Imperium.

As a young child, she was very clingy toward her siblings. She carried around a plush doll until the age of 12, when her parents took it away from her because they saw it as a sign of weakness. Though she was the baby of the family, she was far from spoiled. Her accomplishments were constantly compared to those of her siblings, which resulted in her developing a competitive attitude and a craving to prove herself worthy.

As an adult, she has an incredibly immature personality and audibly demands attention and affection from those around her. She's mischievous and loves to annoy and tease others. Due to her high social status, most people are powerless to do anything about it. Her intelligent and analytical nature balance out these surface-level traits. She excels at reading people's emotions. Despite her small stature, she can be scary at times.

Arsenic loves cute things, fresh fruit, and animals. In her spare time she enjoys journaling and playing video games. She secretly longs for the return of her precious childhood stuffed toy.

She remains quite close with her sister, but it's been years since either of them have heard from their brother. Arsenic is somewhat estranged from her parents.